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Estate Sale Process

Helping You Run a Successful Estate Sale

At Yellow Bird Antiques & Interiors, LLC in Cumming, Georgia, we are dedicated to assisting you with all your estate liquidation needs. As part of our commitment, we follow six important steps to help you maximize your profits and have a successful estate sale.

Step 1 - Organize Your Items

Before you throw out any item from your property, it’s best to sort them out first. There might be some things that may be useful to someone else, and you can sell them during an estate sale.

Step 2 - Create a Boutique-Style Display

To fully showcase the features and appeal of each of your items for sale, it’s always best to go for a designer-quality boutique-style merchandising and display. We can maximize your space by arranging your furniture in a way that provides a smooth shopping flow and pathway for interested buyers.

Step 3 - Research on Item Values

Make sure that you are selling your items at the best price, so your buyers get their money’s worth while you earn top dollar. Our knowledgeable team can help you put the right price on each of your articles by utilizing current fair market pricing and researching unique, high-value items.

Step 4 - Share Your Catalogue Beforehand

It is important to spread the word of your estate sale across buyers in the area to ensure its success. Through our advertising campaign, we can help you take photos of your items and let everyone know about your catalog for the event.

Step 5 - Open Up for Sale

Sale day is where the magic happens. It is the culminating part of the whole process where the importance of research, planning, and sorting becomes more evident. Other specific details that can help make your estate sale unique will be discussed during your initial consultation with us.

Step 6 - Clear Out Your Property

Once the estate sale is done, you would have to decide what to do with the remaining items in your property. Our team will gladly discuss the options with you and help you decide on the best one.

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