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The Yellow Bird Estate Sales team offers a comprehensive suite of services that covers every facet of your estate sale journey. From the initial setup and pricing to strategic marketing, advertising, and the actual sale execution, our team is committed to delivering a seamless and successful experience. We take care of all the details, including the removal of unsold items, ensuring that you enjoy a stress-free estate sale process from start to finish.

Undertaking an estate sale without prior experience can indeed be a formidable task. The intricacies of organizing, pricing, promoting, and managing a sale require a deep understanding of various elements, from market dynamics to customer behavior. This is precisely where our expertise shines. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, making certain that each item is appropriately valued and presented for maximum impact. This ultimately leads to optimizing the potential of your sale.

Yellowbird, the best North Georgia estate sales company, services many areas such as Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Cumming, Milton, and Dahlonega and much more.

Estate Sales Estate Online Auctions

In many cases, an online estate auction is the best approach for an estate sale. Our auctions last 14 days from start to finish. You get all of the benefits of an in-person estate sale but on a faster time frame, with less people in your home, and a regional audience.

Many of us believe in getting property while it is being auctioned to capture it at a better price. If you are of the same view, we can help you with that. Our estate auctions brokers are always on the lookout to get the cheaper ones with future promises.

Our team of dedicated professionals with experience in both local and online estate auctions ensures that you get the best price and a hassle-free experience. We demand competitive pricing for our world-class services. So, feel free to connect with us today!

Estate Buyouts

We often “buyout” estates. This service is limited to certain types of items in an estate. Examples are: Firearms, Antiques, Collectibles, Automobiles, Antique Toys, Baseball Cards, Coin collections ….. We DO NOT buyout general household items. Feel free to call and explor this option. Sometimes a buyout can be accompanied by a One Day Estate Sale to liquidate the items we do not purchase.

Yellowbird Estate Sales
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