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Concierge Services

Yellow Bird Concierge Services

Yellow Bird offers many customized services for our Clients. Below is just a sample of our services we offer outside the traditional Estate Sales model. Yellow Bird offers exceptional customer service with an experienced and knowledgeable staff of specialists devoted to all your personal property needs. Put our team to work for you in all phases of your project. All initial consultations are offered at no cost or obligation, and are often very educational. After the project has been reviewed, Yellow Bird will formulate a detailed written estimate for the proposed services. For Senior Communities or Real Estate Sale Meetings, Michael Adamson will attend to discuss all aspects of The Probate Process, How to avoid Probate, and The Estate Sales Process. Providing solutions to every phase of your project and exceeding your expectations are our highest priority.

  • Clearing Services
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  • Charitable Donations
  • Property Maintenance
  • Valuations
  • Public Speaking Events

Clearing Services

Yellow Bird offers all-inclusive, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible disposal services. Simply decide what you would like to retain, and let us handle all aspects of clearing the Estate.

If you have an Estate that needs to be cleared of debris or items that are not suitable for resale, we can assist you with the proper disposal of those items.

After an Estate Sale has taken place we can review the unsold items and discuss the options that will work best for your project.

Clearing Services can include the following:

  • Clearing interior and exterior rooms including garages, storage sheds, and major outbuildings such as barns or commercial premises;
  • Properly hauling debris and hazardous materials such as chemical and electronic waste
  • Coordinating professional trash receptacles such as dumpsters or heavy equipment required for specialized debris removal
  • Recycling of paper, glass, plastic, and metals
  • Detailed cleaning services beyond the complimentary “broom-clean” condition.

Clearing Services for Charitable Donations:

  • Sort, organize, pack, and deliver to Non-Profit 501-C Organizations
  • Itemize and Appraise at Fair Market Value in accordance to IRS regulations
  • Prepare IRS FORM 8283 and Corresponding Appraisal for Donations Valued Over $500.00
  • Photographic Inventory of Charitable Donation Items
  • Obtain Tax Deductible Receipts from Non-Profit Organizations

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle:

By providing services that reduce waste, promote recycling, and support Non-Profit organizations through the donation of personal property, we further our commitment to offering green services in the most efficient manner possible.

Charitable Donations:

Yellow Bird believes that by connecting, assisting, and collaborating with 501-c-3 non-profits, and civic organizations, we can make a difference in our community.

Clearing Services for Charitable Donations:

  • Sort, organize, pack, and deliver to Non-Profit 501-C Organizations
  • Itemize and Value at Fair Market Value in accordance with IRS regulations
  • Prepare IRS Forms and Corresponding Valuation for charitable donations
  • Create a photographic inventory
  • Obtain Receipts from Non-Profit Organizations.

Property Maintenance

Yellow Bird believes that maintaining the property in excellent condition will enhance the sale of the property and keep the “lived-in” appearance will keep the property safe. Yellow Bird can assist with all aspects of maintaining your property.

  • Maintaining the landscaping.
  • Assisting with any home repairs required for an asset sale or sale of the Real Estate.

Valuations / Apprasials

  • Yellow Bird can assist with the valuations of a single item or an entire Estate
  • The valuation report will Value, at Fair Market Value, your personal property for insurance purposes, donations, or estate preparation.

Public Speaking Events:

Michael Adamson, Owner of Yellow Bird, is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the Estate Preparation process. Michael is an excellent public speaker. There is NEVER any cost associated with Michaels Speaking engagements.

Real Estate Company Sales Meetings:

This talk is designed to give Realtors an understanding of the “Over 55” community and the needs associated with helping this community. This talk covers all aspects of approaching retirement, moving to a smaller home or apartment, preparing the estate to pass to the family or to prepare an estate sale of assets. Also covers the Probate Process as it relates to listing and selling the Real Estate and personal property. Time requirement: 45 minutes. Handouts included.

Senior Communities:

Michael has helped many, many Seniors who are downsizing to an “Over 55” Community. This talk is tailored to cover all aspects of approaching retirement, Probate, Wills and Trust, moving to a smaller home or apartment, preparing the estate to pass to the family or preparing the personal property in the estate for an estate sale. Time requirement: 45 minutes. Handouts included.
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