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Vintage 60’s Black Rotary Dial Phone – Ornate Silver Metal Cover


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The ornate phone and handset covers are either pewter or nickel with silver plating.

The plating on the dial on the phone cover has slightly worn off and you can see a gold color underneath.

Both of the pieces are marked JAPAN.

Total weight of the body cover and the handset is 2lbs.


The RETRO phone is in very good vintage condition with no chips or cracks, the rotary dial works smoothly, and there is a dial on the bottom to adjust the volume.

If you wanted to connect the phone you would need a replacement cable/cord that fits a standard phone jack.

Phone weighs 3 lbs 10 oz.

Both the body cover and the handset cover do show some wear from use and the handset has a 1″ crack (that you can only see from the inside) on the mouthpiece end where the cover sits over the cord.

Great accent piece for a desk or anyplace that you would like to add an elegant vintage/retro ambiance.

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